Verdicts & Settlements

Verdicts & Settlements

Verdicts & Settlements

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Passenger in car whose driver made unsafe turn. 85 yr old suffered multiple injuries.
Hit in parking lot, fractured elbow. 90 yr old.
Young woman passenger under influence, solo car crash. Driver was also under the influence.
I had the honor of representing the family of one of the victims who died in this tragic incident along with four other women. I successfully resolved the case against all defendants, for a multiple seven-figure total, after more than 2 years of litigation.

Bicyclist killed at night. 100,000.00 policy limit wrongful death, and another $100,000.00 policy limit for spouse who witnessed the crash.

Represented a young man riding a bike late at night with no light or helmet, in the fast lane of a four-lane street, not in the bike lane. He was struck from behind by a car. The police report blamed the bicyclist. Result: $1.25 million (policy limits).

Elderly, non English speaking, Asian man and wife riding bicycles. Car hits husband who was riding behind wife. Wife hears husband get hit, and then finds him on the ground bleeding. He suffers primarily a fractured leg. Settled 100,000. policy limit for his injury, and another 100,000. for wife under bystander theory.

Elderly man on bicycle on sidewalk at corner. Car turns right as he is just leaving the corner. He hits car, and falls off. Suffers a non surgical fracture of his foot. Settlement 25,000 policy limits from defendant, plus additional 25,000 policy limit from his underinsured motorist coverage.
This was a case against property owners and the City of Gilroy. Client tripped on a raised section of sidewalk at night while walking dog and wearing a walking boot.
Elderly Vietnamese woman struck in crosswalk.
Pedestrian walking in bike lane at night, struck by the side view mirror of a passing car.
Woman over 90 years old, passenger in vehicle that was rear ended.
Female client in 40’s slipped and fell just as she entered a grocery store, whose mat wasnt big enough to cover the entryway. Suffered a fractured kneecap requiring surgery. Health insurance reduced the past medical collectible expenses to approx $14,000.00.

My client suffered right ankle damage and developed cellulitis after being rear-ended in a company car. I obtained the $50,000 policy limit from the defendant’s insurance company, even though the defendant had disappeared. After the client’s workers’ compensation case was resolved, I pursued an underinsured motorist claim. I successfully argued that the insurance policy clause giving the insurance company a credit for workers’ compensation benefits received was void and unenforceable. I then obtained an award of $1.1 million at arbitration.

My client, her husband, and the client’s mother were in a car crash in which the defendant made a left turn in front of them. The husband was killed, and the client and her mother were injured. The defendant, who had minimum insurance, was charged with a crime and disappeared. An underinsured motorist claim was filed, and my client received the policy limit of $250,000 based on her and her mother’s injuries, and the $250,000 policy limit was also paid for the wrongful death claim. The wrongful death policy limits had to be divided with the husband’s two adult children from a prior marriage; however, my client and her husband’s children could not agree on a division of the $250,000. I proceeded to a binding arbitration that lasted several days, and obtained an award of approximately 70% of the funds.

A family from Washington was coming to California for a family visit. They were cut off on the highway, lost control of their van, and went off the road. There were no catastrophic injuries, but the 12-year-old twin girls suffered post-traumatic stress. The case was complicated because the clients lived in Washington and had no medical insurance. I was able to coordinate out-of-state care and experts.

My client was a passenger in a vehicle that slowed because the car ahead was stopping for a school bus that was on the shoulder of the road. A truck rear-ended the vehicle in which my client was a passenger, pushing it into the car ahead of him. The case was complicated because the defendant joined the military and left the area. I spent a year appealing a huge Medicare lien, and obtained a refund of 50% of what Medicare took from the client’s recovery.

While on the job, the client started up a set of stairs. The railing came off the wall at the bottom, and bowed out when he grabbed it. He lost balance and fell down a few stairs. His injuries required surgery. He had a workers’ compensation case, and the compensation carrier claimed a large lien. I defeated the lien and obtained additional money for him.

My client went to an insurance broker at noon and bought auto insurance. That night, after finishing work, she went to the parking lot to go home. Her car, worth about $6,000.00, was gone. The theft was reported to police, and the broker was notified the next day. The car was found stripped a few days later. My client dealt with the broker’s office, as she did not have the insurance policy yet. Ultimately, the insurance company denied the claim, saying that the policy was not effective until 12:01 A.M. the next day. I filed suit against the broker and the insurance company.

My client’s mother was 92 and living in an elder care residential facility. She fell in the bathroom of her apartment in the middle of the night. Because of faulty call button computer programming, the alert showed a different apartment number. Suffering complications after being on the cold floor all night, she ultimately passed away. Her only heir was her adult daughter, who was not financially dependent on her mother.

My client was sexually assaulted by the defendant. The verdict included special damages, general damages, punitive damages, and attorney’s fees. The case was affirmed on appeal. The defendant also filed bankruptcy, and the bankruptcy court finally granted my client’s motion to have the judgment deemed non-dischargeable.

Client rearended on hwy late at night by hit and run car. Loses control and crashes into center divide. His car now sideways on the hwy, half on shoulder and half in the lane. 1-2 minutes later, another car comes along and crashes into the back left side of his car. Primary injury, ankle fracture requiring surgery.  Settlement of 490,000. (475k from 2d driver, and 15k from his uninsured motorist coverage. Hospital lien of 176,000.00 knocked down to 5,000.00.

Mother and daughter in front seat, who suffer primary injuries of post traumatic stress disorder, minor child in rear car seat uninjured. Near head on crash on two lane road. Settlements: Minor-15,000.00, mother and daughter each 100,000 from defendant’s insurance co (policy limits), plus another 100,000 each from defendant personally.

Hwy 17, stop and go traffic. Bread truck rear ends large SUV. 3 year old killed. I represented the father of the child. Multiple claimants had to divide policy limits.
Disabled woman in wheelchair hits raised section of sidewalk causing her to fall out of chair and fracture femur. Claims against property owner, common owner association, and PG&E. Claims included ADA/UNRUH ACT, and negligence.
Young man suffers hand injury in crash. His wife claims loss of consortium. Deft paid 15,000.00 policy limit, clients’ underinsured motorist coverage paid another 85,000.00.
60 year old male car passenger injured by deft’s work truck.
Kaiser claimed lien/reimbursement of 25,000.00 knocked down to 2500.00.
Elderly man hit and ultimately died. Police report blamed him. Hours of body camera evidence reviewed and witness found to show he was in crosswalk when hit, but he was crossing after light changed. Deft’s insurance company did not respond properly to heirs’ communications, so arguably opened the policy. Medicare withdrew its lien claim of over 17,000.00, and Medi-Cal withdrew its claim.